Angelus 2021 for Kateryna Babkina

The Angelus Central European Literature Award was presented for the 16th time and went to the Ukrainian writer Kateryna Babkina, the author of Мій дід танцював краще за всіх [My Grandfather Danced the Best], published by Warsztaty Kultury. As a result, the award for the best translation was given to Bohdan Zadura, the translator of the book, but also an eminent poet, who in previous years received Silesius Wrocław Poetry Award twice. Babkina is the fourth Ukrainian writer to receive Angelus. The accompanying readers’ award also went to Babkina.

Kateryna Babkina, laureatka Angelusa 2021

photo: Max Pflegel, Rafał Komorowski | Wrocławski Dom Literatury