Natalya Gorbanevskaya Award


The jury of the Angelus Award decided to honour the memory of Natalia Gorbaniewska,
the first chairperson of the jury, by establishing an award of her name. It is an honourable distinction for one
of the seven books qualified for the final.
The winner is selected by the readers – they can vote,
among others, on the Angelus Award website.

So far, the winners of the Award were: Pavol Rankov, Lucian Dan Teodorovici and Varujan Vosganian.

In 2017, the voting on will be possible until 20 October 2017.

The nominees are:

Filip Florian, Zilele regelui [The Days of the King] – ROMANIA
Published by: Wydawnictwo Amaltea
Transl. into Polish by: Radosława Janowska-Lascar

Andrij Lubka, Karbid [Carbide] – UKRAINE
Published by: Warsztaty Kultury w Lublinie
Transl. into Polish by: Bohdan Zadura

Stanisław Aleksander Nowak, Galicyanie [Galicians] – POLAND
Published by: Wydawnictwo W.A.B.

Oleg Pavlov, Powiesti posliednich dniej [Tales from the Last Days] – RUSSIA
Published by: Oficyna Literacka Noir sur Blanc
Transl. into Polish by: Wiktor Dłuski

Faruk Šehić, Knjiga o Uni [The Book of Una] – BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA
Published by: Biuro Literackie
Transl. into Polish by: Agnieszka Schreier

Monika Sznajderman, Fałszerze pieprzu. Historia rodzinna [Forgers of Pepper: a Family Story] – POLAND
Published by: Wydawnictwo Czarne

Andrea Tompa, A hóhér háza [House of the Executioner] – HUNGARY
Published by: Książkowe Klimaty
Transl. into Polish by: Anna Butrym