Joan Baez – Natalia Gorbanevskaya

Joan Baez released this song dedicated to Gorbanevskaya called „Natalia”, with lyrics by Roy Apps, Shusha Guppy and G.T. Moore, on the live album From Every Stage (1976).

Natalia Weaver of words

Who lives alone

In fear and sorrow

Where are the words

To set you free Perhaps tomorrow

Where is the earth

Where is the sky

Where is the light You long for

What hope of you

Where you are now Natalia Gorbanevskaya

Inside the ward

Naked and cruel

Where life is stolen

From those who try

To stay alive And not be broken

Where are the friends

Where are the men

Who among them

Can defend you

Where is the child

You’ll never see Natalia Gorbanevskaya

What else there lives

Behind the door

That never opens

Are you insane

As they say you are

Or just forsaken

Are you still there

Do you still care

Or are you lost forever

I know this song

You’ll never hear

Natalia Gorbanevskaya